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Monticello Water is committed to preserving the public health and the natural environment. We want to serve you in the most efficient, courteous way possible. We realize that we operate at the pleasure of the public. We not only sell water, we sell service. Your drinking water is tested safe for consumption. Turn on the tap and potable water comes out. Wastewater disappears down the drain.

City residents and surrounding rural communities  rely upon the Monticello water system for water to protect the health, safety and economic well being of 10 thousand citizens, businesses and community organizations. Together, the Monticello water system customers account for two-thirds of water consumption in Drew County. 100% of the Monticello water system supply is from the Sparta Aquifer. The City of Monticello are therefore key stakeholders in ensuring the system serves as a reliable source of high quality water.

While constructed and owned by City of Monticello, the water system infrastructure is a benefit to the greater Drew County area population. The communities of Barkada, Bowser, Brooks Chapel, Green Hill, Lacey, Ladelle, Mt. Zion, and Selma utilize the supply of water from the Monticello water system.  

Looking to tie-on to city water and sewer, but live outside the City of Monticello? In accordance with Ordinance #846, a pre-annexation agreement will have to be signed before being able to tie on. A form can be obtained from the City of Monticello Water Department.

For more information on the Water Department, contact:

Monticello Waterworks Department
City of Monticello
P.O. Box 505
204 West Gaines
Monticello, AR 71655

Water Department
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