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If you are new to the area, we have a vast array of religious institutions to choose from. With many denominations to choose from you will not have a problem finding a place to worship.

Finding a religious home---a community of caring, like-minded individuals who share beliefs and practices---is another aspect of life that must be considered when residents choose to make the move to a new community. There are many such "homes" to be found in Drew County, with more than 300 churches and religious communities found here. Those churches and communities come in all denominations.

The busy schedule of church programs, revivals, musical concerts, vacation Bible schools and youth activities are evidence of support local church members show for their houses of worship. They are also eager to share their faith with others, inviting new friends to attend services with them and including them in fellowship activities.

Churches in the smaller communities outside Monticello often serve a dual purpose---acting as both social and religious gathering places for the residents. Drew County churches offer something for everyone. Several offer nurseries and day cares, while others have groups or activities for senior citizens, often sponsoring meals or trips.