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City Public Swimming Pool Rental

Monticello Municipal Swimming Pool Rules

  1. All types of bags and purses will be searched prior to entering the pool area (this is for your safety as well as others).
  2. No outside food or drinks are permitted into the pool area.
  3. Food and drinks are permitted only in designated areas.
  4. No glass containers in the facility.
  5. Horseplay, such as running, splashing, shoving, wrestling, or dunking is not permitted.
  6. Diving is allowed only in designated areas.
  7. Street shoes and street clothing are not allowed in the deck area.
  8. Tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and chewing gum are prohibited.
  9. Appropriate bathing attire must be worn, no cutoffs or clothing with embellishments that could fall off into the pool.
  10. No baskets left in bathrooms or on decks.
  11. Showers are to be taken before entering the water.
  12. Throwing of objects, such as baseballs, rocks or pool toys are not allowed.
  13. Profanity, improper behavior, intoxication, and vulgar remarks are prohibited.
  14. No masks, fins, or snorkels are allowed.
  15. No sitting or hanging on lifelines.
  16. No climbing on Lifeguard stands or towers.
  17. Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time.
  18. Strollers or lawn chairs are not allowed on deck
  19. No person with open sores or wounds shall use the pool.
  20. No Swimmer will be allowed to run and jump from the side of the pool.
  21. No spitting, blowing nose, or discharging bodily wastes in the pool.
  22. No rafts allowed.
  23. Lifeguards have the right to ask anyone who is continuously breaking the rules to leave.
  24. Lifeguards and Manager(s) have the authority to ban certain individuals from the pool for the entire season if there are repeated incidents of confrontational issues.


  • Children 2 & Under Free
  • General Admission $5.00
  • Season Passes $80.00
  • Pool Parties (2 hours) $165.00

All Pool Rules Will Be Enforced Daily.

We want all swimmers to be safe, to enjoy the pool and have fun.

All children under the age of 10 require supervision by an individual that is 16 years old or older.

NO Exceptions to This Rule.

All Pool Parties Are Booked with Nikki Pharr
Call 870-723-3922
Monday - Friday 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM