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Monticello Recycling Program

Located at the transfer station.

1466 Old Warren Road Monticello, AR 71655


Monday thru Friday 7 AM —4 PM.

1st and 3rd Saturday of each month 8 AM — 4 PM.

Call for the following items to be picked up every Wednesday:

Newspaper, cardboard, shredded office waste, aluminium cans and plastic #1 and #2 with lids removed.

Electronics can be dropped off at the transfer station during open hours.

The following is accepted:

Audio/stereo equipment, cell phones, televisions, computers (including keyboards, monitors, cables, printers, etc), telephones, video cameras, wireless devices, video game consoles, DVD players, VCR's.

To get on the list for recycling to be picked up, you must call the Transfer Station at 870-367-4407.

Free mulch and/or compost will be available at the transfer station, call first for an appointment.

City recycling guidelines

The City of Monticello is happy to accept recyclable items within the following guidelines:

  • Cardboard - must be flattened. Not accepted are cereal boxes, drink can boxes or egg cartons.
  • Plastic bottles - lids must be removed and the bottles must be bagged. Only #1 and #2 bottles are accepted. The number is located on the botttom of the bottle. No wide mouthed bottles can be accepted.
  • Newspapers - bagged or boxed.
  • Aluminium cans - must be bagged. No tin cans or pet food cans can be accepted.
  • Shredded office paper - must be bagged.

The above mentioned items can be picked up by the city on bulk pick up days. To have recycled items picked up from your home, call City Hall at 870-367-4400.

Electronic (ewaste) - are accepted at the city transfer station, located at 1466 Old Warren Road, but are not eligible for pick up..

The City of Monticello appreciates your participation in this program and reminds all citizens to not mix household trash with recyclable items. The City does not accept glass or any item not listed above at this time.


Transfer Station
Left to Right: John, Britni, Christopher, Denisha, Daivd