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Monticello Municipal Airport

KLLQ – Monticello MUNICIPAL Airport/ Ellis Field

Monticello Municipal Airport is a vital part of the national airport system, as well as an integral component of the transportation infrastructure that serves the City of Monticello, Drew County and southeast Arkansas. The airport provides transportation facilities that are an absolute necessity for some businesses and are a required convenience for others. Not to be overlooked, the airport, along with the aviation related businesses and facilities, represents a vital and significant regional economic asset. In addition to the many aviation related assets, the airport also provides benefits to local businesses and industry, promotes tourism, as well as encourages additional business development and expansion throughout the City, surrounding communities, and adjacent counties.

Airport Airial ViewThe airport is located approximately 2 miles northeast of the Central Business District of Monticello. The Airport Reference Point is located at Latitude 33° 38′ 18.84″ N, and Longitude 91° 45′ 03.65″ W. Monticello Municipal Airport, classified as a general aviation airport by the FAA's National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems, has an elevation of 270 feet above mean sea level and has property consisting of approximately 385 acres.

Airside Facilities:

Runway: Runway 3/21 is 5,018 feet in length and 75 feet in width. The runway is constructed of asphalt, considered to be in good condition, and has a gross weight bearing capacity of 17,000 pounds single wheel main landing gear configuration. This runway is equipped with Medium Intensity Runway Lights, threshold lights at both runway ends, and Precision Approach Path Indicators are located on the left hand side of both runway ends.

Taxiways: Runway 3/21 is served by 2 connector taxiways located on the west side of the runway near the approach end of Runway 3. They provide access from the runway to the aircraft parking apron and are 40 feet in width. A turnaround serves Runway 21.

Landside Facilities: 

Landside development at the airport includes an aircraft parking apron, aircraft storage hangars, fuel storage facilities, and access roadways. The 2,000 square-foot office building includes a pilot lounge, snooze room, flight planning area and conference room.


Airport Map