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City Council

The City Council is the legislative governing body for the city. The Council's members include the Mayor and two residents elected by Monticello city voters for two year terms from each of the city's four wards. The Mayor serves as the chair of the Council, without voting privileges; unless his/her vote is necessary to break a tie. Together, they set policies, adopt ordinances and the annual budget, levy taxes, approve contracts and confirm appointments of the city's various advisory boards, commissions and committees.

In addition to the Mayor, the City Clerk and City Attorney also attend City Council meetings in their respective capacities.

Monticello City Council convenes its regular meetings at 6:00pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 203 West Gaines Avenue.

Under compliance with the Open Government Directive of 2015 (MD-2015-01), the agenda for a regular meeting of a governing entity of the city must be set and published to the public via the city's website one week (or seven days) before the meeting. If you would like to get an item on the City Council agenda please contact the Mayor's Office (870-367-4400) in advance of the third Tuesday of the month. Current and previous City Council agendas are published here.

City Council Members


NameTitleWardEmail Address
Jason AkersMayor
Taryn WigleyCity Clerk
Kirstin GarrisonDeputy City Clerk
Whit BartonCity Attorney  
Al PeerAldermanWard 1, Position
Cedric LeonardAldermanWard 1, Position
Craig McRaeAldermanWard 2, Position
Claudia HartnessAlderwomanWard 2, Position
Michael JamesAldermanWard 3, Position
Clarissa PaceAlderwomanWard 3, Position
Mark TinerAldermanWard 4, Position
Mike WigleyAldermanWard 4, Position