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Drew County Museum Commission

The Drew County Museum Commission was created under the authority of Arkansas Act 430 of 1967 and Monticello City Code § 13-13 to 20 (Ordinance 474 11/12/70) under "The Interlocal Compact Between the City of Monticello and the County of Drew, 1970." The Commission's nine (9) members, which each serve three (3) year terms, are jointly appointed by the Mayor of Monticello and the County Judge of Drew County with approval from the City Council and County Court.

The duties of the Commission are to secure facilities, either by leasing or purchasing, for housing an historical museum (Drew County Historical Museum), and to procure, either by gifts or purchase, articles, artifacts and/or other things of historical significance to Drew County and the immediate area thereto.

The Commission meets on the first Monday of the of the  month at 6:00PM at the Drew County Historical Museum.

Current Members

Name Term Expires
Brain Rodgers November 1, 2022
Jack Bennett November 1, 2023
Cindy Bennett November 1, 2022
Dr. Kyle Day November 1, 2023
Connie Mullis November 1, 2024
Curtis Lagrone November 1, 2024
Edith Thurman November 1, 2024
Jim Searcy November 1, 2022
Reathel Privett November 1, 2023
Paige Chase Ex-Officio
Robert Akin Ex-Officio
Tommy Gray Ex-Officio
Dr. Matthew Rooney Ex-Officio