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Fire Department

Monticello Fire DepartmentMission Statement

The mission of the Monticello Fire Department is first to act with knowledge and deed, to dedicate themselves to maintain pride and professionalism in their duties and never to act with malice or negligence.

Life and the preservation of life shall always be the priority, the prevention of the loss of life, as a life is irreplaceable should always be a priority over all other duties and tasks.

We shall always strive to maintain a welcome relationship and work to provide knowledgeable support to the community we serve.

Being a member of the Monticello Fire Department, we will work to serve the department with Pride in ourselves and in our department, Give Honor to those who have given their lives in pursuit of our mission and to those who have dedicated their selves to this mission.

As members of the department, we will work to uphold the tradition in our departments past and strive to uphold new honorable traditions.

As members of the department, we will follow the established rules and regulations, and follow the Disciplines of the Department in act and deed.

We shall always hold ourselves to a higher standard of Respect to our membership, our equipment and the public.

Our department will strive to achieve this by applying all of our professional knowledge and resources in a controlled and knowledgeable manner. We will strive to accomplish this mission through the practical use of Emergency Medical Training and skills, fire suppression training and skills and efficient rescue training and skills.

Members will strive to support all aspects of our department, including functions that provide support to the department.

We shall work to ensure that no words, deed or action shall bring discredit to the department.

It is the number one priority of our department to provide the best fire, rescue and emergency medical services to all citizens of Monticello and the surrounding areas.

Fire Department
Row 1: Engineer Brandon Cowling, Engineer Adam Cameron, Engineer Griffin Hubbell, Engineer Bobby H. Sawyer Jr., Fire Marshal Dale Jones, Fire Chief Eric Chisom, Captain David Bayird, Captain Dale Gilbert, Captain Shawn Maloney, Captain Michael Barnett, Chaplain Lee Elkins
Row 2: Firefighter Blake Block, Firefighter Randy Phillips, Firefighter Charlie Hammock, Firefighter Joe Meeks, Firefighter Mark Robinson, Firefighter Trenton Napier, Assistant Chief Joey Norton