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Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery is he largest cemetery in Drew County. Many early settlers are buried in the Old Cemetery section with dates going back to the mid 1800's. A monument commemorating the Confederate Soldiers of Drew County 1861-1865 was erected by the William F. Slemons Chapter, UDC in 1914 and appears to be standing guard over the Old Cemetery section. It is said that William Pinkney Burks was first to be buried there in 1866. The story is told that a road had to be cut into the cemetery because the timber was so dense. A deed, dated November 1, 1866 states that William D. Ford and wife, Susan Ford sold to the City of Monticello 15 acres tro be ud for a cemetery. Mrs. William F. Pierce sold land to the cemetery on May 6,m 1929, Liza Patton sold land June 8, 1929, S.D. Larkin sold three acres on March 22, 1935 and Maggie Patton sold land on December 9, 1947. (Many people chose to have their family member exhumed from small rural cemeteries and reburied in the Oakland Cemetery, therefore some death dates are earlier than 1866.

Notable interments include:

  • William Frank Norrell (1896-1961); U.S. Representative from Arkansas 6th District, 1939-61.
  • Catherine Dorris Norrell (1901-1981); U.S. Representative from Arkansas 6th District, 1961-63.
  • Shelton Foss (1919-1941); First Solder to die at Pearl Harbor
  • Shelia Lampkin (1945-2016); AR State Representative

Sales and fees

Call 870-367-4400 for more information.

Plot Sales: $500.00 per plot (includes perpetual care)

Open/close grave: $100.00

Flat monument setting fee: $25.00

Upright momument setting fee: $50.00

This purchase is not a purchase of property. The City of Monticello will maintain ownership of all cemetery properties. Upon the purchase of cemetery plots, the purchaser acquires only the right of burial and perpetual care in the said plot, subject to the rules and regulations of the cemetery. No interment will be performed until the cemetery plot is paid in full.

Lot owners are responsible for arranging the purchase, installation and maintenance of monuments and memorials with a monument company. Monument maintenance is the responsibility of the lot owner and family.

City of Monticello Cemetery Plot Purchase/Burial Policy


William Pennington
                            William Pennington
                            Cemetery Caretaker