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Tagged Trash Cans

Trash Can

Has your trash can been tagged recently and your trash not been picked up?

The trash can on the left is an acceptable amount for your trash can lid to be open, while the one on the right will keep your trash from being picked up. If your trash can is tagged, it will not be picked up.

When the lid on your trash can is left open, it allows for trash to fall out onto the ground when the trash truck lifts your trash to be dumped. This also allows your trash can to collect rainwater that adds excess weight to the trash truck. Our trash is hauled off by an outside contractor that charges us by the ton to haul our trash off, meaning when your trash is wet and weighs more, it costs more to haul off.

If you’re finding that you have an excess in trash that is making it hard for your trash can lid to close, you may call the Water Department and purchase an additional trash can for a onetime fee of $70. You can call them at 870-367-4400. There is also a dumpster for public use behind the police department, off Chester Street that you may dump your bagged household trash in. 

Together, we can keep Monticello beautiful and clean.